Soul Food

Mondays are a hard day for a lot of us.  Getting back into a weekly routine after a flurry of weekend activities and DIY projects often requires copious amounts of coffee (and my new favorite caramel macchiato coffee creamer) and a change in mindset.  I started Meaningful Mondays because I wanted to get my week off to a good start by digging into by Bible and finding some encouragement.  Please feel free to comment and put in your two cents.  I would love to hear your take on things.  Thanks for stopping by!

Meaningful Mondays- Learning to Listen

Meaningful Mondays- Living in the Moment- Ecclesiastes 3

Meaningful Mondays- She Has Done What She Could

Meaningful Mondays- Getting Tomorrow Off to a Good Start by Finishing Today

Meaningful Mondays- In Search of Stuff

Meaningful Mondays- Remember the Father

Meaningful Mondays- Spiritual Weeding

Who's Visiting Your House?

Walking with God:  Lessons from Noah

An Attitude of Gratitude


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