Friday, April 20, 2012

Barbecue Chicken Flatbread Pizza - 9 WW Points +

Sooo true confession time... who here has eaten an entire frozen pizza?  Yep, many times.  You know those little pizzas in the red box that taste good, but have over 800 calories?  Love those things...  Unfortunately, WW doesn't like them as much as I do.  They're 18-20 points for an entire pizza!!

Luckily, I found an even better substitute with only 8-9 points +!

The hubs and I recently discovered Flatout Flatbread to be a fantastic substitute for pizza crust.  (Make sure you get the 90 calorie version.) They make a great thin crust with lots of fiber to keep you full.  We've been experimenting with our favorite pizza flavor combinations which I'll be sharing regularly. 

This BBQ Chicken version uses leftover grilled chicken made with my Ultimate Chicken Marinade, but you could use whatever chicken you have on hand.  

Leave off the bacon and it's only 8 points +!

1 Flatout Flatbread (90 calories)
1/2 c thinly sliced onion
3 oz grilled chicken, thinly sliced (can also used baked or poached)
2 Tbsp barbecue sauce (I used Sweet Baby Rays)
1/4 c reduced fat cheddar cheese
1 Tbsp real bacon pieces
1 Tbsp cilantro, chopped (or scallions if you prefer)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Place flatbread on cookie sheet.
2.  Saute onion in water or chicken broth or a pan lightly sprayed with olive oil over medium-low heat until soft or caramelized if you're patient- about 10 minutes.  ;)  Lightly salt and pepper the onion. Throw in chicken and saute 3-4 more minutes or until chicken is warm.
3.  Bake flatbread in oven for 4 minutes.  Remove from oven, layer barbecue sauce, chicken and onion, cheese and finally bacon.  Bake 6 more minutes or until cheese is hot and bubbly.  Watch carefully to avoid burning the flatbread.  Burnt flatbread is no bueno. 
4.  Top with cilantro before serving.

Nutrition info:  Calories: 362  Fat: 10.6g  Saturated Fat: 4.5g  Total Carbs: 38g  Fiber: 10g  Sugars: 15g  Protein: 27.9 Weight Watchers Points + 9 (8 Points without the bacon)



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