Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken Fajita Pizza

We love anything you can put on crust and call a pizza.  There's just something about the combination of bread and cheese with our favorite foods tucked in between. 

In our quest to lighten things up around here, I decided to whip up a chicken fajita pizza.  It has a whole wheat crust that I found at The Daily Green, chicken breasts, veggies and only 1 cup of cheese.  It was really hard for me to limit the cheese to only 1 cup for a 14" pizza.  I love cheese and used to pile it onto my pizzas, but I found I really didn't miss it if the other toppings had plenty of flavor.

You can use whatever fajita seasoning  you like, but I recently discovered McCormick's Fajita Seasoning and it has been big winner in our home. 

I hope you think about this recipe the next time your family can't decide between pizza and Mexican food!

1 Prepared Pizza Crust (or your favorite crust recipe)*
1 lb chicken breast, cut into thin 2" strips
1 bell pepper, cut into thin strips
1 medium onion, cut into thin strips
1 package McCormick Fajita Seasoning mix
1/4 c water
1/2 c taco sauce (can also use picante sauce, but may need a little more)
1 c Mexican blend shredded cheese
Garnishes: green onions, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, jalapeno slices, etc...)

1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Spray a pizza pan with cooking spray and sprinkle with a heaping teaspoon of cornmeal.  If you are making a pizza crust you may want to prebake it 8 minutes so it won't be soggy. 
2.  Saute chicken over medium heat until nearly done.  Add pepper, onion, seasoning and water.  Saute 2-3 minutes or until veggies just start to soften and liquid starts to evaporate.
3.  Spread taco sauce over prepared or prebaked pizza crust.  Spread fajita mixture over crust.  Sprinkle with cheese.
4.  Bake 10 minutes at 425 degrees.  Garnish with whatever you like.

I made this crust from The Daily Green.  I prebaked it 8 minutes at 425 degrees before topping it.  We really enjoyed this crust, but will only use half next time as it was a little too thick for us.


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