Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Christian Mom's Blog Hop featuring Amber from Calling Her Blessed

First of all, let I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for getting behind on the blog hop.  I have every intention of doing some catching up with visiting and following you awesome ladies during naptime tomorrow.  ;)  Life has been hectic the last couple of weeks and the little fella has been teething and angry, requiring extra cuddles and attention.  I pick cuddles over blogging any day. ;)  

Becky Jane and I are trying to each feature one of you lovely ladies during the weekly blog hop.  Don't forget you link up new posts each week and perhaps we'll pick yours next.

This week I am featuring my new friend, Amber and her blog, Calling Her Blessed.  Her blogs is filled with Bible truths and practical ideas that are especially helpful for Christian women whether they're married or single, parents or not, working in or outside of the home.

If you work with or mentor young women, you might find her blog especially beneficial.   She has posts about modesty, dating Christians and Bible study. 

The first post that I read on her blog is one called 101 Ways to Raise Faithful Children.  As the parent of a 1 year old, there are few subjects closer to my heart.  This treasure chest is full of helpful nuggets that Amber has collected from several parents who successfully raised faithful children.

I hope you will stop by and visit Amber at Calling Her Blessed.  Time to link up ladies!



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