Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pepperoni Rolls

Sometimes something as simple as food can transport you back to the comforts of home quicker than planes, trains or automobiles.  Pepperoni Rolls have always been a staple back home in WV.   They originated somewhere around Fairmont, I believe, and are as indigenous to WV as hot dog sauce (not to be confused with chilli) and ramps (you don't want to know.)  You can buy them there in restaurants, pizzerias, gas stations, grocery stores, etc... but they are super easy to whip up at home.  Their tiny size is perfect for packing in lunches or snacking on during the day. 

All that you need is a bag of frozen roll dough and a package of pepperoni slices.  Make as many as you want or as few as you want and have your extra dough on hand for the next time you get a craving.  You could be creative and add other fillings like cheese, ham or salami, but pepperoni alone is wonderful. 

All you have to do is thaw the number of rolls that you want according the packages directions.  I like to cover mine with plastic wrap while it rises.  They took about 4 hours. 

Then flatten out the dough and lay 4 pepperoni slices in the middle.  I used my silicone baking mat to pat out the dough so I didn't need to flour or grease my surface.  You may need to flour your counter top.

Fold 2 opposite sides to the middle and press to seal.  Sorry these pictures are a little wonky. Sometimes I get a little overzealous with Picnik!  I promise my dough wasn't radioactive.

Fold the other 2 sides over and seal again.  Place seam side down on the cookie sheet.  

You'll want to let them rest for 30 minutes or so until they puff back out and get a second rise.  That baking sheet is older than Moses well seasoned. 

Bake 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees until golden brown.  Remove from oven and brush with olive oil.  This keeps them nice and soft for a couple of days...if they last that long.  ;)



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