Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mac and Cheese Blog Hop from Mom's Crazy Cooking!


Mmmm...mac and cheese.  There are few things more comforting than a ooey gooey, steaming bowl of mac and cheese.  I love mine baked and topped with buttered bread crumbs, but I also love the homemade stovetop version.  If you like this delectable side dish as much as I do, then you'll love this week's Crazy Cooking Challenge at Mom's Crazy Cooking!  Tina has challenged a group of food bloggers to scour the blogosphere in search of the ultimate cheese laden pasta, whip up the dish and blog the results. 

I had every intention of linking up, but after procrastinating a little, err... OK a lot, this past weekend I finally *ahem* attempted a mac a cheese recipe from another blogger.  You could make it in the crockpot (so score one there) and it looked fabulous in the picture.  Perhaps it was my crockpot... Yes, that is it, I blame the crockpot!  ;)  I think it is responsible for the mystery stain and all of our missing socks too.  Anyway, the result was edible, but not worth blogging about.

Although I couldn't link a fabulous, life changing mac and cheese recipe to the hop, I still wanted to share the hop with you!  I hope you enjoy it as I know I will!


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