Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh That Mom Again's Thankful Tuesday Linky Party- Week 1

My sweet friend Kelly from Oh That Mom Again is launching a linky party called Thankful Tuesday.  The idea is to share 10 things that you are thankful for each week.  If you have a few minutes, I'd courage you to think of 10 things and join her linky party here.

This week I am especially thankful for:
  1. My little family- 11 years ago I married my best friend and haven't looked back.  One year ago, our prayers were answered and we brought home our sweet baby boy.  This has been the most challenging yet most rewarding year of my life. 
  2. Planning a birthday party for my little boy- It's bittersweet, but I am so thankful to have reached this milestone.  Many women are robbed of the chance to see their children turn 1, so I am aware of what a blessing this is.
  3. Date night- We celebrated our 11th anniversary last weekend and had a real date.  It was fabulous just be able to get out of the house and spend some time together.
  4. Teaching VBS- I was not enthusiastic about teaching VBS considering everything else that is going on right now, but I'm glad that I accepted the challenge.  I keep praying for God to make me a better teacher and practice makes perfect.
  5. Living in a country setting- I love looking out my back window and seeing nature in all of it's glory.  Walking outside and hearing bullfrogs, locusts, crickets, etc... make me feel at peace.
  6. Naptime- I love that few hours of day where I can get work done around the house.
  7. Playtime- I can't be thankful for naptime with be thankful for playtime.  Whether it's rolling a ball, playing airplane or swimming, it is all precious time spent with my little family.
  8. Good health- This week I am reminded of how quickly our health can be taken away from us.  I pray that I can be more appreciative of the good health that I have now.
  9. Prayer- It's so incredible to know that I can talk to God anytime and He will listen.  He wants to listen and hear what's on my heart.  
  10. Thankful Tuesdays- I'm thankful to have a reminder to stop each week and just be thankful.  Muah Kelly.
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