Monday, April 18, 2011

Meaningful Mondays- "She has done what she could..."

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Stuck to my refrigerator is a little magnet that I received as a gift from a ladies Bible class teacher (Ms. Debbie).  It simply says, "She hath done what she could..." (Mark 14:8)  I've had this for years and I always stare at it when I go to grab something out of the fridge, but lately I've really been thinking over the meaning. 

This scripture comes from the story of a woman who anointed Jesus' head with a very expensive bottle of oil.  The bottle was worth nearly a years wages.  Many were quick to ridicule this woman for such a wasteful act because they felt the money could have been used another way.  Jesus pointed out that the woman, unlike the others, recognized that he was not going to be there long and so she was doing what she could to honor him while he was on earth.

She did not do an incredible act, she just did what she could.  That is all that God asks of us.  Sometimes we are held back from serving because we can't do something great, but God doesn't ask great things of everyone.  He just asks us to do our best.

Reading over this passage this morning made me stop and think about whether or not this verse could be said about me.  Am I really doing what I can for God, for my family and for the church?  The answer is a resounding no.  So much time each day that could be used for visiting sick and elderly, taking meals to families in need, working on things around the house that could help out my husband is instead being spent on trivial things.

So my goal this week is to start turning off the tv more often, putting down the computer and spending the time that is so easily wasted on these to good use.  I'm taking baby steps to being a better giver, but I believe that baby steps will make it easier to make a change.   Some day I want people to say that I did what I could, so it's time to get started!  =)


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